NASAR Introduction to Search and Rescue (ISAR) Course May 22-23, 2021

On-line Registration Form

All participates must pre-register by May 19.

  • 16 hour course
  • COST: $30 NASAR fee per person
  • WHEN Saturday, May 22 – Sunday, May 23 starting at 09:00 each day
  • WHERE: Johnson County EOC in basement of Courthouse
  • Lead Instructor: Klay Rowbotham
    • Phone: (479) 970-6542
    • E-mail: jcdemsar @ gmail . com (be sure to remove spaces)
  • Equipment, Supplies, and Class Materials:
    • NASAR Introduction of Search and Rescue textbook (Available from NASAR bookstore and Amazon) (We will also have a limited number of books available for loan during the class)
    • pencil or pen
    • highlighter
    • note pad
    • NOTE: Do not purchase a compass for the class, but if you have one already, bring it for show and tell.
  • Course Description:

ISAR is the first course in a stepping stone approach to higher-level NASAR courses of training for emergency personnel. It provides a common starting point in training for the new person to SAR and in many cases, an excellent refresher course for the more experience SAR worker. This common starting point provides continuity during SAR operations and future training of all team members.  It provides the general responsibilities, skills, abilities and equipment needed by persons who perform SAR activities.

There are no prerequisites for this course. 

This class provides responders of all  disciplines and agencies with basic training to provide them with knowledge and skills to effectively contribute to a SAR Mission. 

Recommended for: LEOs, Fire fighters, EMTs, SAR team members, Dispatchers, NGOs who support SAR missions.

Arkansas Fire Fighters receive 16 hours of Act 833 Certified Training credits.
ALETA/CLEST awards Arkansas LEOs 16 hours of continuing education credits.

 Topics covered include: Overview of SAR Resources, Tactics, Search Management, Land Navigation, Search Theory, and others 

For a comprehensive description check the NASAR website at